Artist Statement

Within a nonrepresentational image, I am concerned with color, texture and the enlivenment of the entire picture, intending to create a visual experience of discovery that draws the viewer into and around a varied surface. I enjoy expressing with color — sometimes subdued and sometimes lively. The marks, shapes and forms in the art can also be subtle or strongly defined creating a range of feeling and atmosphere.

There is no preconceived idea of the finished piece. The final image evolves and emerges over time through the building up of layers and texture with collage and adding of color, line, etc. with paint or pastel. The layers and overlapping create depth, form relationships and texture. Sometimes small objects are attached to add three-dimensional highlights. Color, either paint or pastel, unifies, clarifies, balances and organizes the work. Each artwork is an individual journey that has its own visual story to tell.


“There is a powerful sense of breaking through to light, energy, life. Beautiful gestural line and color”
Diane Bowie Zaitlin, Artist

“The arrangements of the individual pieces demonstrate a Hoffmanesque ‘push-pull’ of color, which Godfrey enhances through careful layering of each collage component”

“Godfrey’s richly textured and intensely colorful collages are luscious surfaces built using a variety of papers and then vibrantly colored with pastels….all are precisely executed and visually dynamic.”

“These are appealing and beautifully crafted pieces”
Syracuse Herald American

“Simply delightful to look at”
Syracuse New Times

“Godfrey uses paper, cloth, pastels and other materials … in meticulous, well-designed pieces”
Syracuse New Times

“She’s able to work in a small-size format … and larger-size format … to create pieces built around one color as well as works contrasting several colors, and to achieve variety in her work”
Syracuse New Times

“She conveys whimsy … demonstrates a structured approach … creates a piece with both visual and tactile appeal”
Syracuse New Times