Tris McCall Art Review for Novado Gallery

Art Review: Works by Nathan Sullivan, Diana Godfrey and Robert Glisson at the Novado Gallery
by Tris McCall, Jersey City Times, January 24, 2020

Waters Edge #26

For sheer transportive power…Diana Godfrey contributes a pair of “Water’s Edge” panels to the show. These are the two simplest pieces in the gallery; they’re also the smallest. The “Water’s Edge” paintings, which were created with a combination of acrylics and oils, are pure landscapes: horizontal fields of color denoting grass, sky and water. There isn’t much detail, there’s not much sign of activity and there are no people present to trouble or complicate the view. Yet the texture of Godfrey’s paints is as soft as upturned earth, and her colors are deep and mysterious as those of a spring night. These small squares speak eloquently, and maybe even conspiratorially, but they don’t give away their secrets; instead, they beckon you close and solicit an immediate emotional response.
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Artist Diana Godfrey opens ‘The Influence of Strata’ exhibit Interview
By Nariman Jiries |
on February 09, 2012

Editorial assistant Nariman Jiries interviewed Diana Godfrey, who is a Syracuse artist. Her current exhibit is, “The Influence of Strata” at the Weeks Art Gallery at Baltimore Woods Nature Center in Marcellus through Feb. 29. (For hours see website at

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Hue Ought to See Gallery 4040’s New Show

Syracuse New Times
By Carl Mellor
Posted on August 13, 2014

Color is a fundamental aspect of art, an ingredient serving many purposes. It conveys emotion, catches a viewer’s attention, and plays other roles. Colors of Summer, a five-artist exhibit on display at Gallery 4040, certainly touches on color as a basic element but is much more interested in the quintet’s creative strategies.

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