Hue Ought to See Gallery 4040’s New Show

Syracuse New Times
By Carl Mellor
Posted on August 13, 2014

Color is a fundamental aspect of art, an ingredient serving many purposes. It conveys emotion, catches a viewer’s attention, and plays other roles. Colors of Summer, a five-artist exhibit on display at Gallery 4040, certainly touches on color as a basic element but is much more interested in the quintet’s creative strategies.

Diana Godfrey has long created non-representational pieces, emphasizing texture, shapes and the interplay between various segments in her works. For her, colors serve as markers: They light up a surface or help initiate a dialogue between the artist and viewers. Godfrey clearly isn’t creating figurative artworks but she does include glimpses of familiar objects: a ladder in “Escarpment,” stairs in “Suspended.” She uses colors to emphasize those shapes and to smooth transitions within her acrylics. For her, color is an essential tool.

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